Secrets and Rumours


by Doug Pinchin and Richard Morris

Sabina Franklyn

Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Secrets and Rumours is a lively and entertaining show about Collins Contemporary Mary Elizabeth Braddon “Queen of the Circulating Libraries”.  Condemned by George Eliot but praised by Henry James, Braddon’s Sensational novels were wickly popular from the 1860’s until the First World War.  Her life was as sensational as her books, involving five illegitimate children and an illicit sexual relationship with her publisher.  Secrets and Rumours shows her as a well-established author, reflecting on the sensations and scandals of her past life.  Sabina Franklyn gives a riveting performance as Braddon, ably supported by Karl Moffatt, who has the challenging task of playing all the men in her life.  The play got a good reception at the Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond in January.  Further performances are scheduled for 19th and 26th September at Ham House, Richmond

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