A Moment in Time


was a star-studded Royal Charity Gala held on 23rd March 2003 at Richmond Theatre in the presence of H.R.H. the Earl of Wessex C.V.O. & H.R.H. the Countess of Wessex

Queen Elizabeth I died 400 years ago but the spirit of the Elizabethan age lives on.The performance was to benefit the Major of Richmond Upon Thames Charities and The Thames Landscape Strategy’s Arcadia in the City Project.The show had an Elizabethan theme but the programme featured a wide range of music and humour to reflect the spirit of the age of the first Elizabeth rather than being an evening of ‘hey, honney noes’! There was some Rossini, Britten & Bernstein not to mention Madonna and a newly adapted version of Stephen Sondheims “I’m Still Here” proving that Queen Elizabeth I is indeed still here.

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